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Marketing vs Branding, Permission vs Spamming. When you use marketing platforms to advertise you are always building your brand. When you post an advertisement, email or even mail it what guarantee to do you have that your message will be seen. With Social Media and Email open rates at an all time low Permission Marketing utilizing text offers 99% open rate.

Also when you advertise when do you usually see your customers? When they want to visit you or when you need them to visit you?

Build a great product and they will come but most of us shop on the weekends and maybe just 1 weekend a month. There are many other days in the month that you can get your customers back more often. Our Text Platform helps business drive business when they need the business during their non peak times.

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Freestyle Consulting helps businesses and organizations reach out and keep their customer base and clients informed in a timely manner with Text Message Marketing.


Text Message Marketing is a marketing tool that complements other marketing efforts and improves your overall brand awareness as it gets seen more than any other mode communication.


Text Message Marketing allows a business to be proactive, direct, instant and gets your message seen when it needs to be seen!

Text message marketing can drastically increase the chances that your customers will see your messages...

(And incentivize them to visit you more often.)

It just needs to be done on a world-class level.

After years of helping businesses & organizations grow mobile lists with Permission Based SMS marketing, we’ve seen everything.

Your marketing channels need to be effective at delivering the right message at the right time.

Delays in messaging or having content rejected can bottleneck your business campaign. As well as just not being seen!

It is CRUCIAL for businesses that need to be seen more through this pandemic to have a proven text marketing campaign in place if they want to create more repeat business and extra visits.

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1. Our text messaging platform gives you the ability to reach customers directly (get any message to show on their cell phone, the one tool that every single customer uses the most.

2. You can send up to 6 MILLION text messages per hour and get them delivered in minutes...

3. At the lowest cost in the U.S. we can save you money with higher response then using ads


Restaurants, Bars, Breweries

Retail Shops

Boutique Shops

Golf Courses, Bowling alleys, Climbing wall gyms

Spas, Salons, Tanning Salons, Massage studios

Banks, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents

Health & Wellness, gyms, barre studios, CrossFit gyms

Mary Kay, Mascara, Herbalife, Arbonne, Isagenix, Pampered Chef

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