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We are excited about our partnership with Pyrat WiFi. Pyrat WiFi offers the next generation in WiFi.

In your business do you know who your customer is? I mean do you really know who your customer is. Through the technology available to business owners we can provide you with detailed info on who your customers are so that you can then market to them better.


The next generation of Wifi is upon us  and those cutting edge companies offering Wifi services, will lead the pack by offering the latest innovation and technology advancements. With the constant changing technology landscape, business owners are busy  maintaining their businesses, and do not have the time to keep current on Internet technologies or marketing strategies.   This is where Freestyle Consulting with Pyrat Wifi LLC technology can give your business the competitive advantage it needs.  Being able to understand who your customers are and specifically be able target market to them, is the key to success. 

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Pyrat Wifi LLC offers two services WaaS and DAaas, combined into one monthly bill in order to give you critical information regarding your customer.

WaaS: Wifi as a Service, is a state of the art, next generation high speed Wifi solution. This Internet service is fully managed by Pyrat Wifi LLC, using cloud based management systems.

DAaaS: Data Analytics as a Service, refers to the collection methodology of analytics software and operations via web based technologies, brought to you by Pyrat Wifi LLC, leveraging our Cisco Meraki wireless solution.


We give your business a Competitive Edge

Wifi being offered as a free service in your business is standard in today’s competitive market. Pyrat Wifi allows your business with limited Capex or IT resources to provide fast, secure, reliable wireless Internet , leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Pyrat Wifi takes Wifi to the next level by offering key strategic analytical data, a key to a strategic marketing campaign. This data is derived by our Cisco Meraki Access Points, via a logon to Facebook, to build a complete profile of your customers. This would include, age, gender, contact information, length of stay and dwell times within your establishment.

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