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Property Tax Mitigation

Service Overview

Outside of income taxes, the single largest recurring change for commercial property owners are property taxes. In most states, owners are required to pay taxes on both their real estate as well as their personal property. These charges are often a immense expense and a constant hit to the bottom line. To Be ensured you are not being overcharged on your property taxes, an industry specialist with extensive market experience in valuation, tax, and law should be retained.

Our Methodology

Our experienced team of professionals in mitigation, valuation, assessments and law will work on your case to identify any potential opportunity for refunds and/or reductions in your current property taxes. We perform all the work on your behalf until savings are captured, including partaking in hearings and filing necessary paperwork. We act as an extension of your company toward the governing property tax bodies.

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"Taxes on Business Property Make Up $215 Billion on the $597 Billion in Total Annual Local and State Business Taxes Paid"

The immediate benefit is the reduction of taxes owed and the potential of refunds on prior taxes paid. The future benefits similarly would be a reduced tax burden going forward, producing an increased for your business.

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