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Team Members

Cost Segregation Study - We are currently meeting with a business owner who owns multiple commercial properties. We are researching to find tax breaks for our client. On average we can find $150,000 per million. Currently we are looking at a $200,000 tax break. We are also working with the town the building is in to prove that they are paying too much in property taxes. Next we will look at obtaining a rebate for overpaying on their credit card processing fees. and then look at R&D tax credits.

End result will be a considerable cash flow increase

Checking Inventory

We have recently met with a restaurant that takes an entire day using pen & paper to complete their inventory. They spend over $10,000 every week in food. We will automate this entire process. Our inventory automation tool will connect to each of their purveyors and will pull down all pricing every 8 seconds so they will always know who has the cheapest pricing on all their items. We also connect to their POS system and create all their recipes in our system. When a wait staff person enters a meal into the POS the inventory auto updates. Always know on the app exactly what you have in all kitchens, coolers and behind your bar. We have partnerships with all the major manufacturers so you can always get food rebates on all items that you been buying for years.

End result will be on avg saying a restaurant 15% off inventory cost.

Office Conversation

One of our restaurants is changing the way they do business. Because of Covid they are looking to switch to more take out than dine in. Using our SMS tool they will send out weekly coupons to their customers. Before covid they had 50 tables but now they can only have 25 tables in use at any given time. They will send coupons that will include a free bottle of wine when doing take out to actually have 50 tables at all times. They are using our QR technology to get customers to scan to opt in to get their menu on their phone which they will always have access to after they leave the restaurant. This owner can now thank everyone a week later for coming in and invite them.

End result is a lot more repeat business

Data Reviewing

We have a golf course that we are currently doing a cost segregation for that should yield them over $300,000 in tax incentives. They are in the process of hiring new employees and with our WOTC program could gain them more tax incentives on average of $2400 per qualified employee hired. They also will start to save money off their inventory cost. They want to let their members know what the daily specials are plus fill open tee times and will be texting their members this info. They have a tablet set up in the pro shop and restaurant for members to leave a review with will show up on all platforms they choose like yelp, google my business, their website and trip advisor.

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