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Dining Edge is a user-friendly, internet-based software developed for the food service industry. Specifically built for restaurants, bars, country clubs, catering companies, schools, casino’s, hotels and any other locations where purchasing food and products is an operational task. Using the most updated search functions and technology, DiningEdge is the latest in inventory software.

Complete restaurant management software.

DiningEdge Technology (DET) is a user friendly, Internet-based restaurant inventory software that has been developed for establishments specializing in providing food and beverage for their patrons. Built for restaurants, bars, country clubs, catering , schools, Casino’s, Hotels and any other location where purchasing food is an operational task, from small to multi-unit chains. DET offers much more than a purchasing platform, we offer you a complete suite and opportunities for your business. DET can help you cut costs, control, streamline and organize your complete business, this we guarantee.

DET will help you place orders efficiently and electronically. No more phone calls, messages and disrupting the flow of business. We also help you to strengthen relationships with vendors by giving them an opportunity to provide pricing on all of your items and gain a larger share of your ordering. 

After ten years of persistence and a team of extremely dedicated people, DET is able to give control back to the business owner with accuracy by using highly sophisticated technology and patent pending algorithms.

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We believe in full transparency. DiningEdge Manufacturer Rebate Program allows you to receive rebates directly from your manufacturers for items you already purchase through your approved distributors. Our administrator of the manufacturer rebate program works with over 350 distributors nationally and will collect your data for the processing of your quarterly rebates. The quarterly reporting you will receive with your check, outlines your earnings by item detail, along with the rebate per case, and net rebate based on total cases purchased. Through our partner program, you have access to over 150 Nationally Branded manufacturer programs spanning over 10,000 items that qualify for a rebate. This is the money you deserve, don’t let anyone take it from you.

The process is simple.

We assess your items that you are Purchasing and see if there are collective buying opportunities for you to receive same or better quality items for a lesser price. Our Partner program has done this for many customers just like you.

Are you eligible?
  • Do you buy over $20,000 a month in food?

  • Are you part of a Buying Group?

  • Are you getting direct to consumer manufacture rebates?

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