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8 Texting Statistics to make you change how you feel about Text Marketing

I think it's about control.

They can exercise control over when they read and respond to your message. It's a fact that every marketing manager must keep in mind as we plan our marketing activities.

Are you wondering what other important bits of information could impact your marketing efforts... than keep reading.

Here are eight texting statistics that will change how you look at SMS Marketing. 1.  Text Messaging Is Skyrocketing Did you know over the last decade the number of texts sent has increased by 7,000% !?! Yes, 7,000% Everyone texts. Young, Old, Generation X, Generation Y, and especially Millennials. Given the rapid growth of texting between people, it's no great leap to see why business texting, and text marketing is become a critical marketing channel! And this leads us to the second interesting texting statistic...

2.  560 Billion Text Messages Are Sent Every Month If you went around the world, and added up all of the texts sent... it would be over 560 Billion... a month! That's almost 80 SMS messages for each and every living person on earth! I think I know a few teenagers who might be responsible for a big chunk of these messages! But seriously, think about texting frequency. Texting isn't something you just do once a week... or once a month... texting communication is going on all day, EVERY DAY! So, if you're marketing your business, you've got to get yourself into these communication channels. You've got to get inside the conversations your customers are having... Why?

3.  Texting Is More Popular Than Almost Anything Else! Text services are so popular, that it's the most widely used feature on a smartphone. Yes, more people use their smartphone for texting than they do for phone calls. According to some studies, more people are texting than who are watching television, listening to the radio, or even are using the internet. Further proof you need to be sending text messages for your business! Did you know...

4.  93% of Text messages are read. Crazy Right? If you send a text message to 100 people, odds are, 93% will read the message. For email it's closer to 20% For Facebook, its 6% (and falling). And for Twitter, it's under 1%. So, why are you spending time on marketing in areas that just don't work? Remember I said everyone texts... so should you and your business. But I get the question all the time... WHO is texting?

5.  Young People Send The Most Text Messages... Did you know that more than 90% of American teenagers are using texting or SMS services. Here's another fun fact... they send, on average, more than 130 messages a week! But it doesn't stop there... as these youngsters grow, they take their texting habits with them. It explains why Millennials are also big users of text messaging too. So, if you're marketing your business... and you're targeting younger customers... texting should be a cornerstone of your marketing efforts... not an afterthought! But you can't just send random text messages. It's a big mistake to think of texting as an afterthought...

6.  Text Messages Are Meaningful... Did you know almost 50% of adults under 30 years old see text messages as meaningful as phone calls? That means texting is an important method of communication. It tells me that text marketing plans have to be well thought out and organized. Haphazardly texting people is only a recipe for disaster. When you set up your marketing efforts, make text marketing a central point... and while texting should NOT be the only form of communication you use... it is a critical one... and it deserves your attention.

7.  In The U.S., Text Marketing is Booming If you're living in the US, you could be part of the 2.3 trillion messages sent inside the country in any given year. Texting is popular amongst almost every demographic... and it's adoption as a marketing message is just beginning. Here's the thing... texting right now is where email was in the late 1990's and where social media was just a decade ago. You want to be an early mover on this text marketing technology. It's not difficult to set up your business for a text marketing system... but you want to move quick... before your competition does. The US is a hotbed of text messages and text message marketing... so let me leave you with one final texting statistic...

8.  It only takes 10 minutes to start a text message marketing program. Today, there are a number of text marketing systems available for business owners. The best ones are easy to set up and use, and can be established in just 10 minutes. A properly designed text message program is easy to send, inexpensive to deliver, and provides a measurable return on investment.

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